Feel Alive with Food | Van Gogh is Bipolar


I attended a talk about branding and the speaker introduced Jeth to his audience. He shared us his project with Jeth. After hearing about him, I felt alive knowing that guy. Jeth is the owner of the restaurant I am dreaming to dine at.

The speaker shared us his story. Jeth was a suicidal man. As far I remembered, Jeth decided to end his life but before he killed his self, he gave himself a month to do everything he wanted to do. For one month. He tried everything he wanted to try. For one month, he tried to discover and study things until he found himself with food.
Jeth was a suicidal man who build Van Gogh is Bipolar resto. After knowing the story behind that diner, I felt more urge to visit and eat there.


Van Gogh is Bipolar has very unique menu. What I got hooked from that resto was their tea. They sell tea that offers different mood. They also offer a cuisine that gives a euphoric experience. It’s hard to define the feeling of eating unless you dine here.

Aside from the food, the service that I love the most is that they offer a free therapy. It’s free. No registration fee, just attend.



A self-empowerment program created for people who are undergoing severe depression, chronic anxiety, anger issues, addictions and other psychosocial conditions. Every participant (called A Student of Life) undergoes a once-a-week natural psychotherapy session in a span of 3 months (12 sessions).

THIS IS A FREE SERVICE + UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that we provide + share with the community for the past 7 years.


  • You can visit Van Gogh is Bipolar at 154 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City Philippines
  • For their facebook page, follow them at vgibipolar

If you haven’t heard, there is a restaurant for introverts.

It starts to make sense

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It was October when I experienced the heartbreaking history of my life. I don’t know if I was covered with anger that time or lamentation but all I know is I faced rejection. I was devastated and just wanted to be free from suffocation of what was happening. I didn’t want to stay at home, I didn’t want to talk with any one – even my family. Their words were like water that cleans the wound but didn’t give any effect to remove my pain. I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to go far far far from the damage. I wanted to go to Baguio. That time, Baguio was where broken hearts go. I planned to go there not because I’m broken (tho I was) but because it’s my favorite place. I wanted to travel alone. My mom didn’t want me to. She was paranoid that I might get raped or kidnapped. I didn’t care. I didn’t think of it or like dying; but if the bus will fall off a cliff, then I didn’t care. I didn’t feel fear that time. I just wanted  to escape.

The trip made me relax. I was with a friend that time but I guess I will feel much better if I told her all the pain. But I didn’t. However, I believe that when I traveled alone, everything might be bit better. Traveling soothes me. Time heals the wound. That’s right. And traveling helped me to start removing the pain.

Now, I made this blog because I want us to help those who are struggling with depression or with any negative emotions. Everyone of us has it’s own pain but we’re not here to compete our pain but to use our pain to help those who struggle.

How do you make yourself better? Do find yourself relax or sooth from water coloring? Do you find to live again from the food you ate? Do you feel happy when you go swimming or just taking a shower? Let everyone hear it.

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